Friday, 11 June 2010

Keeping our children safe during the World Cup 2010

It is finally here! The World Cup! We are all caught up in the excitement! This afternoon we are all going to vuvuzela South Africa against Mexico!

You go, Bafana Bafana!!

My sister made me aware of the Mr Price Safe Place Project, one of our chain stores, who has started a safe place campaign for our children. On the site it states that during the last World Cup in Germany, 30 000 children were reported missing. That’s very scary!

I am impressed that Mr Price has “Go To” people wearing “Safe Place” badges. Children should be made aware that every Mr Price will have designated people who will help them. They can look out for the badges or the “Safe Place” t-shirts that the store managers will be wearing.

Unicef has also made a card “Give the red card for child exploitation” with important telephone numbers who has dedicated special resources for our children. As soon as a child is missing, it should be reported to one of these numbers to put the wheels in motion:

Police 0860 010 111

Childline 0800 055 555

Child Welfare SA 0861 424 453 (08614-CHILD)

As a mother I DO hope that our children will not be part of the worst-of-the-worst statistics of these exciting times!

Please keep an eye on your children! Please keep them safe!

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  1. O yes. Well done to Mr Price, Unichef and to you - for bringing awareness. Thank you!

  2. Well done to them. I will be keeping mine very close to me.

  3. Can only agree that Mr. Price has done it again. Keep safe, ok?


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