Friday, 4 June 2010

Ship coming in (very soon)

This year I was already on a second boat cruise. This first one was the weekend on the ship, and three weeks back we were on a boat, The Spirit of Jen, on the Vaal River for a function of my hubby’s company.

I think that the universe is telling me something: Our Ship is coming in! ;-)

It was the first time I had the opportunity to visit Stonehaven on Vaal. Apparently it is the “largest Garden Restaurant in South Africa”. There is a large play area for children, with a jumping castle, a trampoline, a water slide, a swimming pool, a tree house and jungle gym. There is also an animal farm. It is a great place for the kids, and I will definitely bring my little one.

The function on the luxurious Vaal Cruiser, The Spirit of Jen, was a real blast. The boat had to leave an hour late because a contingent of the party goers was late. It got very cold on the deck as soon as the sun was beginning to go down, but inside it was warm, and the company and food was very agreeable! Very agreeable, indeed! There is a Jacuzzi on the deck, and I’m sure during the summer time it is a wonderful place to be!

Abbott and Crabb was the entertainment, with jokes and music. These guys are still very funny! They’ve been together for 20 years, and the audience enjoyed them thoroughly! Luckily no old stale jokes… The boat cruised around on the Vaal River for a couple of hours, and we enjoyed looking at all the “palaces” on the River’s edge!

Eish! That ship can dock very soon, please!


  1. The last time hubby and I went on a romantic dinner cruise was in Tampa Bay, Florida a few years before the kids arrived. We actually got engaged on a dinner cruise in Cape Town! We are water babies!

  2. We have friends who take a cruise for their annual holiday every year.

    Being on a ship freaks Hubby out. I think because he sailed from Ireland to Australia as a kid - and was so bored. It's hard to convince him it wouldn't quite be the same thing!

  3. I also though a ship cruise would be boring! But it was an absolute blast! :D


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