Monday, 14 June 2010

The toddler – shoes and fluff of hair

No 2 shoes
I am busy going through the toddler’s cupboard. I am amazed at how much clothes we have accumulated since birth. And now I have to throw it out again... (I am a bit of a hoarder, and struggle to get rid of things.)

There are so many beautiful, cute, pretty clothes for a little girl. And she’s outgrown them already. I absolutely love the little shoes. The photo is of all her number two shoes. She is wearing number three shoes at the moment.

The fluffs of hair
Mieka’s hair is growing. At long last! She was a little "Kojak" for very long. But now we struggle with the fluff of hair at the back of her head. Most of the time it is tangled and looks like a nest made by a mouse or something! Even if you comb it, if you look again, it is all fluffed up again. Luckily it is growing very fast!

Our Cutie!


  1. Oh wow, you are brave!!! I can't picture doing it all again :-) You're my Monday hero. Have a fabulous day.

  2. You get an Elizabeth Arden "detangling spray" - give it a shot.

  3. Sweet children were also bald for the longest time;-D

  4. Thanks Wendy! You've made my Monday! :D


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