Friday, 25 March 2011

I forgot 27 months!

It’s official! The Toddler is a month older, and I forgot about it on the day. I know what it means: she is a big girl now, and it’s not necessary to count every month as it passes...

When they get born, you count day by day. Then it’s week by week! Until it becomes months! I guess we are nearing the year markers now... Very sad that it goes by too fast!

The photo was taken at her day care on Friday last week. She gave them all smiles for the photo shoot. They just had to convince her each time to take away her hands. She tends to put them up in front of her face, such as the photo on Wednesday morning at day care.

I love this age! It is such a wonderful creative age where they sponge up everything around them.

It is also a most exasperating time, because the Toddler wants to do everything herself, and she knows how to say NO!  She exercises these new skills all-the-time! I am getting used to frowns in supermarkets. It’s a skill I am perfecting at the moment. Smile, and continues to shop and push a screaming/demanding toddler through the aisles. Great fun, I tell you!

A little friend of Mieka’s came to visit tonight, and he exhibits exactly the same characteristics of our Toddler. I thought afterwards that he was very tiring, and that I really feel sorry for his mother.

And then it hit me: She is probably thinking the same of our toddler!


  1. Ag she is a cutie! But it's the age, that's all.

  2. Fantastic post & congratulations to you and your little girl on 27 months!
    My son is 27 months today and I forgot, because I too have given up counting since his first birthday, until I read your post! Hehe :)

  3. Congrats on the 27 month mark. Like you I suspect many look at my youngest and feel sorry for me. We are engaged in an epic battle of wills right now. He's currently winning ;)

  4. Karen, I would love to scrap the top photo for you...she is so delightful. E-mail me the photo in good resolution and your address to send it to. Please?

  5. we came to the point where we don't count in months any more a long while back. I'd have to make a serious effort to think how many months old she is... I can't really pinpoint when we stopped counting in months, but it must have been around 26 months. She's now nearly 34 months old


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