Friday, 4 March 2011

Our furry dog - update

Benji, our Miniature Yorkshire Terrier
We got the cute Miniature Yorkshire Terrier in December last year. It turns out that he was more than we envisaged! Don't we all! #worsethanatoddler is stil the best description for our furry pet!

But we have all settled into a nice routine now. Benji has become accustomed to sleeping outside. He had a cosy deal with The Teen, sleeping on her bed.But the nightly pees and poohs became too much!
Hubby also said enough was enough when Benji was downgraded to the kitchen, and he was left cleaning it every morning...

We had a few nights of barking and bumping against the door. But now our little guy is "happily" (WE are the happy ones) sleeping outside with our other dog.

The two have grown accustomed to each other as well, and most days are spent with Petite Peu (cross breed Dachshund and other ) "grooming" Benji around the face. Benji enjoys it, and turns over on his back while Petite gives him smal bites. We get irritated by it; but I have caught Benji going to ask for the attention from the other one...

Our vet neighbour took him for his monthly groom and cut on Monday, and he looks very cute. A bit strange with the Schnauzer cut, but it is too hot here for the normal Miniature Yorkshire cut. And he will get too dirty as well with too long hair...

I got an sms from his previous owner enquiring about him yesterday, and all of a sudden I could not imagine giving him back! Yes, he has grown on us, and is part of the family as well!
Benji sleep-hanging from his bed in the evenings


  1. Sure is cute. I love his furry head! We are in the market for a new dog. See my blog tomorrow for a post on our sudden doglessness. Loving your Benji.

  2. My daughter would love a pup like that, but I am more a big dog person.

  3. He is very cute...I am also more of a bit dog person...I have a Sharpei.


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