Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Doppio Zero, a nice place to take the toddler

Doppio Zero, Bell Air Mall in Nothriding
Strange how our choice of restaurants have changed with the Toddler. Our main focus is on going to a place where there is a play area for the Toddler as well!

We have find a new favourite place. The play area is a definite winner. And best of all: We can sit next to the play area, and enjoy a wonderful meal. Because the food is excellent at Doppio Zero! I have commented in a previous post about how much I like the restaurant.

What I also like is the way the play area is enclosed, and the play equipment is for babies and smaller children. I saw a note up that they also do parties for children. (Make a note!) It is just a bummer to see how the Mall has lost business because of bad management. Still a lovely place, but a lot of the shops had to close its doors...

The Toddler had a ball tonight.

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