Sunday, 20 March 2011

Gautrain train trip – The Toddler’s first

It was our first trip on the Gautrain today as well. Everybody has been on the Gautrain already... We took the train from Sandton to OR Tambo International Airport and back. Gautrain is South Africa’s very fast and reliable first-world train service. The first part of the project was completed last year.

The Toddler loved it, and as we were driving home, she wanted to have some more. I told her we would definitely do it another day. She said: “No, not another day, but again today!”

It was her first experience on a train. There are no more the clickety-clack sounds of the wheels on the tracks. No, it is a smooth and fast glide in a very short space of time. Also no more the choo-choo’s of the steam train. It is only the announcements over the intercom! 

But we loved the sleek design of the train, the nice seats, the ample security (we felt very safe), the stylish underground platform, and the smooth fast glide! I wish I had somewhere to go today! The other passengers with their suitcases on their way to the airport made me quite envious... 

We definitely need new train songs! Any suggestions?

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  1. "She'll be coming around the mountaing when she comes!" Even though it is not a train song; I would love singing that on a train. I use to take the train to work living in Cape Town; but it was one of the clicketi clack versions with a first, second and third class section! This was way back when, when I just started working; straight out of university!

  2. Your post have taken me down memory lane...with us taking the "Apple train" to Loerie. The carriage windows are open, it is still the coal trains and when you get home you have bits of soot in your hair. We must really take our littlies on this trip for the Nartjie fest.

  3. I still love taking the train in London too. A 35 minute ride to Waterloo watching the world go by. Did you have lunch at the airport? What does she call a train?

  4. Yes, we did have brunch at the airport, at Wandie's. She calls a train a train :-) She told everybody who wanted to hear: "treinry" (train drive).
    I hear the Johannesburg to Pretoria drive is not going to be as expensive, and we will definitely go again when they open up in two months! :D


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