Tuesday, 15 March 2011

A GPS for my head as well, please!

I am one of those who cannot find my inner compass, I don’t have one, and it is not something that you can learn to do. I always walk/drive in the wrong direction. Although I know it, I still convince myself that it is the right direction.

I even got lost with my new all-time favourite present, my Garmin Nuvi, last week. Hubby gave it to me on Valentine’s Day, and it is sure the most thoughtful present ever... Me and Auntie Garmin bond every day while I try out new routes on my way to work.  The traffic is extremely bad at the moment! I launch myself into the suburbs, while Auntie Garmin recalculates and tries to get me back on the main route. Sometimes it works, and sometimes, like last week, I realize that I have strayed too far...

But it sure is very nice to just follow the voice! Auntie Garmin directed us to Sandton City today when the Teen and I had to go and submit her visa application. She got us there without a hitch! It was another story altogether finding the offices in that huge Mall. At one stage a guard had us up on the roof to show us where the building was where we should go. Not that it really helped. The Teen also do not have a compass. But between us we got there somehow...  (*sigh of relief!*)

I need that GPS for my head as well, please!

The last visa application is in; now only 11 days before the French Tour! Thumbs crossed!


  1. If only! Although, I did manage to find my inner-compass when we were back-tracking around the world. x

  2. I am exactly the same - I even come
    out of a shop iin a shopping mall and
    I don't know which way to turn. I
    once took a "short cut" from Florida to
    Wits and landed up outside Eastgate.
    I've even landed up driving down
    London road through Alex... Definately
    NEED a GPS

  3. I used to love maps. Loved looking at them and figuring out routes. The GPS takes that novelty away, but, I swear, I can't live without it these days.


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