Monday, 14 March 2011

Movie Clip Monday #9 - Tiny gymnast in leotard

 Tiny Tumbles with Tammy Smith
The enjoyment the Toddler gets out of the tiny gymnastics is such a pleasure. Forgive me for uploading another video. She got a new leotard to wear as well, as she looks very cute in it.

Watch how all the toddlers get side-tracked, and have to be redirected to focus. No mystery why Tammy's voice is as shrill as it is.It is very difficult to keep the attention.

Funny anecdote:The little guy in front insisted he cannot proceed until Mieka comes and stand behind him with her hands on his hips. Then he starts climbing! Nobody instructed them to proceed with hands on hips!

Linking up with MumDrum with her idea of Movie Clip Mondays.

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