Thursday, 17 March 2011

Are we allowed to say our children are cute?

Of course, yes!

I used to get irritated by parents telling me about their kids and how wonderful/cute/clever/funny they are. I would think to myself: they are the parents and they had a hand in it. They are surely just bragging!

Now I know better! We as parents are the ones that are the most amazed at our kids! We can’t believe they are as wonderful/cute/clever/funny as they are. Where did it happen? Not because of us?

Most of the times we are just asking ourselves! Where did she learn this? We had no hand in it! We did not model this behavior!

It surprises us endlessly that we have these amazing human beings within our midst! There is nothing that makes us more boring enlightened talkers than speaking about our kids!

I promise I will listen to all of your cute! children’s stories, because I know now that your children are really really very cute! Because my kid is! ;-)

What do you think? Are we allowed to say our children are cute?


  1. YES we are! :)
    She is soooo cute!

    I am amazed daily by new things AJ does and says.
    I sometimes wonder where he got these new ways too.

    He is a clean freak and although I do like to keep a clean house and clean family he far out stretches me on the cleanliness. :)


  2. You mean we are not suppose to do that?

    Although I don't talk people's ear off about my daughters (I rather blog about it he-he) I have to agree we are sometimes spectators in awe of their abilities and willingness to try out new things!

  3. Oh we can say that and we should as well!!! And your little one is super cute :)

  4. Of course!! That's why cameras were invented too - right? Love capturing the toddler years, they are amazing!
    Have a really cute week!

    Alyzabeth's Mommy


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