Thursday, 3 March 2011


5 Twitter updates in my time line that I find very irritating:
  • Monosyllabic yes’s or no’s! Or any other mono exclamations.
          @quette No! – No what?
  • Private discussions, such as organizing play dates. (That’s why there is DMs.)
           @quette Are you free on Saturday? – Why do we want to see this?    
  • Replies that do not include a hint of what the conversation is about.
          @quette it sure is a good thing that it turned out this way. – What? Who? How?
  • Hinting at some sort of personal disaster, and letting it hang.
          @quette OMG! – WTF?
  • Not acknowledging a reply when you requested some sort of feedback.
          “     “ - Why did I bother?

These are some of the things that irk me endlessly.
What are your pet peeves on Twitter?


  1. Interesting, Cat. RT does not bother me at all, especially since we don't follow all the same people. I have found some of the most important info by RTs!
    I also read someone complaining about feeds from Facebook, and I also don't have a problem with that!
    It seems it depends on personal choice ;-)

  2. Just unfollow the Twits/ tweeters you don't like ha ha

  3. LOL! You are talking a language I don't I will just steer clear.

  4. Anon That is the beauty of Twitter. We only have to listen to those we want to listen to! :D


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