Thursday, 31 March 2011


I love hand-me-downs. I find it very special to wear clothes that other people has worn at some stage. I love to dress my Toddler in hand-me-down clothes. Every time when I use the clothes again, I think of the people that have worn it before us, and it makes me cherish it even more… There is history in every piece of clothing!

The clothes that the Toddler is wearing in the photos have been made by a friend’s mother. Her children have worn the clothes, and then it was passed to us! I have a couple of sets with the little dresses, and matching pants underneath (not seen in the photo)! There is something very special about these clothes. They are unique and handmade! With love!

I also hand me down with the same attitude. I appreciate people who appreciate where the clothes are coming from. Who shows some respect for the *love* that comes with the clothes! To appreciate that somebody has given us the clothes, or that we have bought it with love; and have worn it with love…

It is also a very green thing to do: To wear hand-me-downs, instead of buying only new clothes. And of course, to give it to somebody else after we have used it! I can tick one mark at least in the Green Living block. (Wink smile)

What is your opinion of hand-me-downs?

Putting a paper nappy on my doll!
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  1. Love hand me downs and it always feel like something new and reminds me of the person I got it from. Nothing better than sharing kids clothes as they outgrow it so fast. In London we often have clothes swap parties. What an awesome idea...... Everyone bring items and hang on a rail and other people take items home again which they like. Often we pay a pound for each item and give to a charity of choice.

    Neighbour here in london that use old tweed (mostly from suits) and make the most beautiful handbags, jackets and clothes with this material. Bespoke nogal!! ha ha

  2. I do not know if you read my blog when I posted about this, but I love handovers. And I can not understand when people refuse them.

  3. I love hand me downs - I generally pass my kids clothes on to friends who have kids younger than them!!

    Its a nice circle of pass it forward!

  4. I think they are god's gift to the hip (and HIP!) pocket. I grew up with them and I circle my friends with older kids commenting on fave outfits hoping they'll swing them by once their child is grown out of it. I'm shameless like that! Long live generous friends! x


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