Friday, 1 April 2011

Post Traumatic Dentist Syndrome

Today I had first hand experience of why people are afraid of the dentist. I was traumatized for 45 minutes, and it felt like hours and hours of hell...

It was the toddler’s first visit to the dentist. She did not want to sit on that big chair on her own, but it was okay when she sat on my lap. The dentist had a quick look in her mouth, and that was it. She pulled her lips in that unhappy grimace... He said that her teeth are skew and that she would probably need braces when she is older. (Poor girl, as I have been through a whole brace history with the Teen, I am definitely not looking forward to doing it again. But that’s worries for later...)

Her dad was there, and she could go home with him. Sigh of relief that her first meeting with a dentist was not as traumatic as my visit today!

I am never going to that dentist again. Mental note! I am never going to the dentist again!!

That’s when my torture started. I was only expecting a quick check-up and clean, but the doctor said he noticed two teeth that needed fixing. The next moment that needle was in his hand, and he was in my mouth, the sharp sting of the needle, and him pressing against my cheek bone with his finger... I presume it was to lessen the sting of the needle, but that needle was in my mouth for a very long time.

Then he proceeded to fix the other tooth without any anesthetics. He told me that I should tell him when it gets too uncomfortable, and then he would also numb the other side of my mouth. The thought of another needle in the other side of my mouth made me agree with him...

It was torture:
The one side of my face was numb. There was a hand, and cotton balls, and a sucking instrument, AND another instrument which smelt like steel burning in my mouth. The glare of the lights above my eyes was blinding me, and because I had to close my eyes very tightly, my contact lenses started to act up, and tears were running down my cheeks. Do you think it bothered the dentist in any way? No, no indication of that! He and his assistant were discussing her previous employers who apparently treated her very badly...

“Listen here, you torturers, I am writhing in pain here!” No, I did not say it! Why do we suck it up?

After he had finished with my teeth, the cleaning started. The torture had no end to it...They have a water-spraying instrument, but I am sure it is faulty. My whole face was sprayed, and later I was even grateful when they put a towel over my face! That last fluoride treatment is still making me feel nauseous as I am writing here.

I only got my face back four hours later. In that time I tried to eat some pizza, but it did not taste like anything... And I LOVE pizza! It means I missed a whole yummylicious pizza experience as well!

Up until now I was not afraid of the dentist, and I believed one should go on a regular basis.
My beliefs have been shattered! The dentist is THE DEVIL! I am never going to the dentist again...

I will take my toddler to a dentist, but also definitely not to this one again! My face has been violated, and I have been traumatized forever!

I am now suffering from PTDS – Post Traumatic Dentist Syndrome! (Powerwoman got a beating today!)


  1. I myself am so scared of the dentist! Ask around at the primary school locally which dentist the kids used. I did and got a lovely kiddies dentist just around the corner.

  2. I FEAR the dentist too!! ;-) That's why I rather suffer with a tooth ache for very long before going. Traumatized and bullied too many times.......... They fix things to get some medical aid payments I am sure.

  3. I think you need a new dentist...a visit should not leave you traumatized.


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