Thursday, 21 April 2011

A lover of books at 28 months

The Toddler loves books! She is 28 months today!  My job is done! *Pat on shoulder*

We went to pick up some Disney books at the Post Office yesterday afternoon. The Toddler wanted to hold it immediately, and it had to go with when we went shopping in the Mall this afternoon. I read “A Bug’s Life” to her when we went to bed, and while breastfeeding there was two books firmly clutched in her hands... Two books stuck between us, but she would not let go!  She was telling me over and over of some of the incidents in the book; the ants, the naughty grasshoppers and the bird in flames!

I think it is the greatest accomplishment to get a child to love reading! It is giving her access to the whole world of knowledge and experience! I loved books when I was small, and I think it is one the big reasons I went to study Librarianship.

When I ask the Toddler if she wants to go to bed, it is always a firm “No!” But when I ask her if she wants to read a story, she says goodbye to her Dad and start walking up the stairs...


  1. I also adore books and try to encourage them to read, or just stare at books.

    I think there is so much value in passing our love of books onto our children.

    I buy books every chance I get, and love being in book stores - yes, you have done a "five star" job if your 28 month old loves book.

    Definitely big tick, job well done!

  2. I love books. And it is great to see the girls' excitement about stories and books.

  3. Auw..she is such a cute little girl.


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