Thursday, 14 April 2011

Breastfeeding the toddler in public

It is not something that happens very often. To breastfeed the Toddler in a public place is some sort of coup d’├ętat! It is a major feat!

We usually try to distract the Toddler when she asks to breastfeed in a public place, until we get home... But sometimes I have to oblige.

It is not that I do not want to breastfeed her when she wants it, but the photos show some of the difficulties. I do not carry the button “I breastfeed in Public” without a reason on my blog. I do believe that breastfeeding should happen anywhere and any place, but we are stuck in a culture where it is not openly done, and where breastfeeding a “Toddler” is also not a commonplace occurrence. I do hope that we will change our thinking about the most natural thing in the world... To breastfeed our babies with 100% perfect nourishment for as long as they want!

I am a somewhat undercover breastfeeding mum in public (meant literally)! I usually carry a scarf with me to cover up! See the little hand; and it is busy the whole time. Also trying to grab the scarf and pulling it down!

As long as it is still working for me and for her, I will continue. I no longer have a cut-off date! I do think it is very beneficial to her. She does not get sick very often, and when she does, it is not in the extreme... There is also nothing more comforting than still being able to calm her when she is upset. Nothing is as special as the ten minutes in the morning before we rush out of the door, or coming home at night, and sitting with her while breastfeeding...


  1. Ewan breastfed till 7 months then screamed everytime I put him near the breast. I had trouble breastfeeding at the start as my body didnt produce any milk for the first week until I was put on meds. Traumatic for a first time Mom. Luckily Ewan happily changed between breast and bottle. I am hoping that if we have a second child I can feed him/her for longer and without the drama at the start. I really miss it still. Thanks for your story. Great laugh I can just imagine trying to feed a toddler in public they are always so busy:)

  2. Kathleen, I was also lucky with Mieka who alternated between the breast and bottle. It ensured that I could continue with BF when I went back to work. It was not the same with the Teen who refused to take the bottle. I had to take her off the breast completely, and it was very traumatic for both of us!
    I hope you have a happy BF the second time around! :D


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