Thursday, 28 April 2011

Holiday in Paradise - Yes, we can do it!

Break-away in Dullstroom in Mpumalanga. This is Paradise!

I am of the opinion that if a couple can survive a holiday together, they can do life together! Nothing magnifies differences in couples more than being 24/7 in each other's company, and getting to agree on activities to do...

Major conflict points:

- Packing

While busy packing and getting everything into bags, Hubby starts putting it into the car already. The stuff that gets remembered later on, all lands up in 100 little bags that needs to be carried and sorted at the holiday destination. It drives me crazy!

- Driving

It is very difficult to be a back seat driver when I am not allowed to even whisper a warning! He has seen the problem already! Best to catch a bit of shut-eye...

- The holiday

My best holiday involves around books and sleeping. Not always fun activities for the rest of the family!

Getting to agree on activities can be a logistical nightmare...

- The Personalities & quirks

The Toddler runs around like a wound-up mouse, and wants to do This/No, that!/No, No, This!

The Teen wants to read, and she reminds us that she's got homework to do... We can't stay out for too long! But then she complains about not having any "inspiration" when sitting down to doing it. And then not doing it!

I want to sleep! Sleep again! And read!

Hubby conjures up winning recipes for the braai (barbecue). We have had trout, as well as pork fillets with olives already! (I am lucky, I KNOW!)

But, we get to listen to the 100-days cough! COUGH, cough-cough, COUGH-GOUGH! Some of the consequences of that work conference three weeks back. (Enough already!)


Luckily we are on holiday in Paradise. Dullstroom is a beautiful little town set in between lots of trees, trout fishing dams and Heaven, of course! I love the quiet solitude of the surrounding area and the fire at the end of the day!

Except for all the nigglies we are really having a great time!

We have survived a number of holidays already... Major accomplishment! It is a good indication of us staying together for years to come! (Big smile!)

Happy holidays!

What do you think of relationships and holidays?


  1. We actually do really well on holidays.

    I look forward to us going away!

  2. I agree - holidays do bring out the basics, but they seem to be our best times.


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