Friday, 8 April 2011

Thank you, Friday! You are a lekker day!

You have arrived! I am very glad this week that Friday is here!

I told the Toddler this morning: “Today is a lekker day!” She repeated: “Today is a lekker day! I will not cry at the school!” The last part was her insertion.

She wanted to pull the lip this morning at day care, but Sindy and I “bullied” her into smiling.

We had a bit of a sleep fail last night when the toddler did not want to go to sleep at her usual bedtime. We did the whole reading-breastfeeding-in-the-dark routine, but then she wanted to get out of bed again… To Daddy (“Pappa gaan!”) who was not there last night. It does not help telling her he is in Namibia for work! Luckily she was fine with me in bed for the rest of the night.

Hope you have a great Friday! It is going to be a lekker day!


  1. It is going to be a lekker day!

  2. It can be so frustrating and tiring when the little ones dont settle at night.
    AJ has done this couple times this week too. Pulling all the tricks, hungry, thirsty, cant sleep.

    Hope your little settles tonight.


  3. LOL! Friday was my son's 29th birthday and the start of our holiday...Yay! It was a baie lekker day.


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