Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Partner at conferences and team-buildings

I am really irritated by conferences and team-buildings where the partner has to go away for a couple of nights. Even one night is not on... No, I am more than irritated!

(Or the case of Sour Grapes-face. ME!)

Rhetorical questions to companies:
  • Why can’t you say what you have to say during normal working hours?
  • Why do you have to do team-building with people who do not work with you in the same branch/department?
  • Why take a staff member out of his office for days, AND then have to cope with absenteeism afterwards because of THE FLU? (Or THE HANGOVER)
  • Why do you spend exorbitant amounts on travel and lodging and gifts and entertainment? It does not make sense in this day of cut-backs and poor economies, or is somebody not giving us the whole picture?
  • Why do you take parents away from their families?
  • Why do you have harem night parties with lots of booze when the spouses are not around? (We always get to hear the stories afterwards…)
I am just venting a little bit after the Hubby had to go to a conference, and came back sick like a dog. He was not here for almost three days, and now he is also relegated to bed! Shame and he still gets up to help with dinner and dropping The Teen off at school in the mornings… He’s the real Hero here, and I am Mrs. Sour Grapes! Sorry, Hubby, I know it is not your fault!

Who also feels a bit annoyed with all these “conferences” the partner has to attend?
(Please tell me it is not only me that hates it when Hubby has to go away!)


  1. Oh I agree fully with you on this one. And my hubby does too.

  2. You have my vote on this one too!

  3. Sometimes its me that has to go away but I sort of justify it because none of us work in the same country let alone office. Its conservation so believe me no great parties or expensive lodging. I agree about the team building though. I hate it when hubby goes away for a week with people he sees all day anyway. He works long hours so the weekends are the only real time my son has with him and I hate it when thats taken away.

  4. We don't complain if we can go with or are in on the great dinners!! ;-)
    No to office team building on weekends!!

  5. No, Ronel, I don't complain when I am invited with... Hypocrite! ;-)
    But I agree with Kathleen. It is because our times are so special together, and we have only limited time with the toddler, that I really hate the idea of the Hubby going away without us!

  6. I get a bit niggly with this too.

    My partner usually goes for one night, but I know after the conference there is partying and relaxing. Sometimes the team building seems to be a good laugh too.

    I always ask, can he put an email thru for the partners to have an overnight conference leaving the men home with the kids.

    The worst one was a 3 day trip to Ireland when our son was only 3 months old.



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