Tuesday, 19 April 2011

The cute things she does

A couple of cute things The Toddler is doing at the moment. It is all connected with her command of acquiring new uses of the language...

Saying all Teacher-like: “Dis reg!” (It’s correct!), when we are doing or saying something that she approves off!

She uses the “Yes!” in a tone which says: Of course! (What else?)

She saw a plane passing by over the play ground, and told the teachers at day care the “vlieghuis” (fly house) broke the clouds.

I thought she said yesterday that her nose is bothering her. I gave her a tissue, and told her to blow her nose. She literally blew on it with her breath, and chucked it over her shoulder... A giant miscommunication! We had to smile! But it made me realise how trustworthy she is. She does something just because I told her to do it, without questioning me...

Today when I went to pick her up at day care, she started to run to me. But stopped abruptly, and turned back to the teacher: “Sweeties!” They had made a cookie and Smarties autumn tree in class today, and she had remembered to ask for it when going home!

She is afraid of heights! She does not like walking on the high beams or jumping into the sponge pit at the gymnastics class. But she loves playing on the jungle gym at our local mall where I sometimes cringe when she climbs onto the slide from the bottom or climbing up a rock climbing-looking wall...  It is a good sign that she only needs a bit of time to get used to the heights!

She holds the top of her bottle hold over one eye, and tells us to smile. Just as I tell her in the mornings to smile at my cell (Morning’s first photo at day care).  See the photos of this morning where I had to tell her to smile again, because she was giving me a really skew smile.

I love this age! (Huge smile!)


  1. she's adorable! i can relate to all of this because i have toddler too :)

  2. She is so adorable - cannot believe the resemblance between her and your eldest.

    She is at a very cute age, discovering so much and as you say, so trusting!

    cutie pie x

  3. She is toooooo beautiful!!! xxx

  4. Lovely post Karen...and this is just the reason why I love blogging so much...it becomes a journal in cyber space.


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