Friday, 29 April 2011

Why do vacations end?

Why can't we be on vacation forever? *sigh* It has been a holiday in Paradise! Five days are just too short!

Dunkeld Country Estate, Dullstroom, Mpumalanga
Fishing with Dad
The trout dams were full of the brightly coloured fish. Hubby and the Toddler got a few nibbles and the fish ate all their bread. It was lots of fun!
Dullstroom is a very beautiful place. The trees, trout dams and quaint little town with lots of little shops with little treasures are a great place go and rest. It is always a bit chilly there, even in summer, but there's nothing that beats a fire-place at night!

Now, back to reality...
Luckily we have a long weekend ahead of us! Again! Miracles never ends!

Who watched the Royal Wedding today? It is the real fairy tale story come true! Even a cynic like me thought the beautiful Princess and Prince rode off in the sunset together...  Happily ever after! (wink smile)


  1. It does look lovely :)

    I didnt actually watch the wedding but it did look lovely - she seemed to somehow glam it down.

  2. I did watched "The Royal Wedding" yesterday and it was fantastic, just like out of a fairytale book, well almost actually it was a fairytale:) I am so happy for them like Oprah is happy with her box of chocolate every night:P No seriously, I am happy for them, wait I better stop right here, I just burst out in laughter...:D


  3. LOL! They end so that we can look forward to the next one and appreciate it more. I will be blogging the layout I made of Mieka later today and will mail it to you tomorrow.


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