Sunday, 1 May 2011

7 years

It’s been seven years since the day we got married. 1 May has been a very good choice. We’ve got Worker’s Day each year, a public holiday to celebrate our special day!

Thank you, Hubby, it has been a good seven years! It has flown by much too quickly! (Time flies when... Yes, that! Big smile!)

We are having so much fun!

The Teen reminded us that in other countries we get the opportunity to renew our vows. And of course, we all know about the seven-year-itch! Seven seems to be a good number to have reached!
Some fun!
Hubby gave me chocolate and flowers, and I had to make good with breakfast at Second Cup. I nearly forgot because I lost track of the days... I blame the vacation! I thought I still had until Monday!

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  1. Congrats to you both on your wedding anniversary


  2. Happy 7th to you and hubby :-)
    Here's to the next 7..

  3. Happy 7th wedding anniversary. Volgens die Bybel is 7 die perfekte nommer.


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