Tuesday, 24 May 2011

The Teen is clever!

Yes, she is very clever! She KNOWS and she tells you what she knows!

I am lacking seriously in grey matter to understand the complexities of her universe. I have become a second class citizen with regards the workings of this plane of existence we found ourselves in. I just do not know at all how all this fits in together…

My Teen knows how it works! There is not a thing that we say that do not get a clever retort back…

She told a teacher umpire yesterday to penalize a hockey player who had hit her in the shins. Or else she would have to leave the field. The teacher told her that she does not have to worry. She is sending her off in any case. With a yellow card! Before that she also had something to say about the other penalties blown by the teacher…

When I told the Teen to not be so bitchy, I was told that I clearly do not understand how unfair this whole situation had been…

If this had been a single incident, it maybe could have been overlooked as a single incident. But apparently there is a lot of wrong and unfair happening in the world. She is fighting the war against ALL the wrong-doing going on!

This is the passion and the vigor we all had at her age. I understand it, and I remember it! But we also have to learn to address the issues with more diplomacy. If you tell someone they are wrong; they just defend it, and you do not get your point across!

Now, how do I tell the all-knowing Teen that there are better ways to address an issue, but without her losing her passion for addressing the wrongs in life?

We do not want our children to become passive passengers in life, do we?

She wants to change the world! I want her to change the world!

How do I nudge her gently in the right direction?


  1. Having survived, errr I mean raised two teenage girls ( who are now well adjusted, diplomatic adults ) I've come to believe how they are then, what they do is a rights of passage for them.
    I wouldn't overly fret, Mom. She will learn through her everyday experiences, dealings with different types of people. She has a good strong base to draw from, one that helped shape her passion.
    Stay strong!

  2. Gosh,I have no idea but she does have spirit - you have to give her credit for that.

  3. Sometimes you have to learn lessons on your own!

    I remember my mom offering suggestions and ignoring them!

    Maybe just let her know you are there if she wants a sounding board?

    She will learn - the hard way but she will learn!

  4. LOL! Nothing you say will ever make her believe there is a better way...at that age they know it all and there is nothing you can do to change it....join the "mom's of teenagers club"...


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