Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Sheet cycling

It is colder here at night with winter especially making it known at night. It is vests and layers and socks...

It is not as easy convincing the Toddler of the same fact!
She is forever getting rid of her shoes and socks, and clothes. The birthday suit bandit!

We have to convince her it is winter here!

But the worst is at night. We can’t seem to keep the sheets and blankets over her. She starts cycling with her legs until she lies all in the open (cold). She wakes up and she is little freezing ice blocks. When I tell her she has freezing icicles, she sniggers and puts that little ice blocks of hands on me!

It means that she wakes up more at night, and we have to cover up. When she lands in bed between us, poor Daddy ends up with no bedding, most of the times...  (It seems I have a better grip! Wink smile!) We have to contend with cycling legs every now and again and getting the sheets back... And again...

When I go and lie with her, it is the same story! But I find that it is a bit easier keeping us covered!  I do cherish the co-sleeping, but definitely not the open-sleeping!

 When does this sheet cycling behaviour stops? She is older, but at nearly two and a half, it seems it is some unconscious thing still going on at night. Cycling the legs until there are no sheets or blankets left!

Winter is only beginning, and the nights are really cold! Brrr...


  1. We have panel heaters in the kids' rooms - it does help. Try a sleeping bag - the Princess has a polar fleece disney princess sleeping bag (go years ago at Game) - maybe that will help?

  2. Thanks, Cat! We have a panel heater as well. I am definitely going to try a sleeping bag... Have not thought of it before! We also don't get these all-over bodysuits for over 2-year olds anymore!

  3. I was just going to say that you need those sleeping baggie things...but Cat was here first;-)

  4. I also had the kids sleep in those zipped down wearable blankets. It worked very well in keeping them covered when they were young. No need to wake them up or getting up fifty times to cover them up.

    Now that they are older they still like to kick off the covers. Fortunately we have aircon (you really have to in the States). LOL.


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