Tuesday, 10 May 2011

The first bleep

Mieka at 8 weeks
The heartbeat is the sound of a horse galloping very fast! That’s what it sounded like when we first heard it at the gyne’s offices. The first ultrasound scan at 8 weeks. That was in May 2008.

It was the most wonderful sound in the whole wide world!

We had lost a baby only four months back. We had a check-up at eleven weeks, and the little dot did not move or bleep! It was the most horrifying deafening sound of all! Nothing!

So you can imagine our apprehension when we sat again in the doctor’s offices… Saying to each other that we would not want to go through this again if there was something wrong… It was too stressful and painful!

That bleep is by far the most beautiful sound in the whole wide world. I heard the sob from my husband as I was wiping the tears from my eyes!

We also could not relax this time around until I heard the confirmation over the telephone at 18 weeks…

The amniocentesis test showed a perfectly healthy baby girl! Joy! Your father said his only thought was of you being perfectly healthy. (He was in a business meeting at the time.) It was only later that it struck him that I said a “girl”! He had to phone me back to confirm!

We were so excited to hear that all was well! I am sure that we wouldn’t have parted with you in any case. Even if they told us that something was wrong! I started to feel you kicking at 14 weeks, and I knew right from the start that you were a girl! You were part of the family already…

Today, we are still excited about you being in our lives!

Thanks for choosing us as your family!

You are our perfect little girl!
Mieka with Arnia


  1. Awesome and good reminder of the miracle that each life is! God thought about each individual before creation.

  2. Struggling for six years to fall pregnant, I can relate to that concern for the babies! Ahh, but having these little people in our lives are so worth it!

  3. Ah, this takes me back... the "galloping horse", you nailed it! Sweetest sound in the world after that first wail post-birth! x

  4. that sound was one of my favourites while I was pregnant.
    can't beat it!

  5. A picture is always such a wonderful thing to jog your memory and take you back.

  6. Ah Karen - this is beautiful.


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