Friday, 6 May 2011

Friday, you came early!

Thank you!

Miracles happen each and every day! This has been a four day work week, and we have a Friday showing up! How great is that?!

The Toddler was extremely impressed that it is Sweets Day today, and off she went to day care… The money is in her bag! AND she gets to visit Ouma (Gran) tonight! She announced yesterday already that she wants to go to Ouma, and when I told her that it is only tomorrow, she was not impressed…

The Teen celebrated her boyfriend’s birthday with him yesterday, and is planning another day tomorrow with him. Watching him play rugby and going out! We might see her for a few minutes this weekend… I am hopeful!

I committed one of those brain-bubble stupid moments this week when I forgot my Wimpy coffee of the roof of my car, and drove from the Mall. A truck driver tried to alert me, but I gave him a complete ignore-look! It was only when a student stepped into the street, and took the coffee from my roof that I realized that he was actually trying to tell me something important! I will never forget the look on the driver’s face: “I told you so!” Not even my “I-am-sorry-wave” and cheapish smile could make him wipe that indignant look of his face!

Hubby and I are going to a Barnyard show tonight. Can’t wait! A bit of time out tonight!

What are you doing on your weekend?
Do you still have brain bubbles, even when your children are older?

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