Monday, 2 May 2011

In search of higher education

Next year seems very far away, but when you want to continue your studies past Grade 12 you need to register YESTERDAY already. The registrations have opened in March and places are filling up...

We went to an Open ay at the Potchefstroom University on Saturday. Everything is available on campus. The residences are close by and it seems very safe, especially for the young ladies! I was at first not very keen on the university because it is one and half hours drive away, but it seems that the institutions nearby does not offer us the same options.

The Teen wants to continue her studies in communication with a keen interest in book editing. It seems they have a very good degree in Communication as well as specialization areas. The problem is that they only select 100 people in a year to start with the course! We will definitely have to apply to other universities as well. (Sigh!)  She has to prepare a whole portfolio to be accepted here! (Standards are high.)

We only went through one of the residences, and the Teen has voted it as her favourite to go to next year! (They have the option of three.)

I was struck by the fact that the young people have three or four years more of being in a safe and secluded bubble! A couple of more years of being young and carefree... What a wonderful opportunity! It made me wish I was young again, and with all the limitless opportunity ahead of me... Well, nearly! But I had my four years of university life as well! Which I enjoyed thoroughly!

I am holding thumbs that The Teen gets to have the best time of her life while preparing for a career! And I am holding thumbs that she gets a place here!

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  1. This is so exciting for her. I remember doing this!

    Its a huge decision.

    Potch does sound nice :)

    PS I would suggest Rhodes if she wants to go into communication.

  2. I studied Communication at University of Johannesburg and loved every moment of being a student and what student life have to offer.
    I hope she finds a place at the university of her choice and it's indeed a privilege and great opportunity to be a student. Best years of your life as well as making great friends.

  3. Another big decision. Hope she gets what she wants.


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