Friday, 27 May 2011

Stuff you allow your toddler to do

For the sake of a few minutes of peace... The things you thought that you would never allow!

I allow my toddler to:

"clean" the windows (see photo);

scribble in my diary;

play with my cell;

paste stickers on our table;

break a polysterene cup in hundreds of pieces in my car;

allow her to eat cookies/chips in the car;

unpack my handbag;

let her play with my eye make-up;

let her help with washing of the dishes;

unpack my drawers;

play with my jewellery; etc.

And I am all cool with it! As long as we get a few breathers, we let her be...

What are you allowing your children which you would have frowned on before you had children?


  1. All things that will let her grow into the little girl you want her to be. I really think that we become more "chilled" with age. Sometimes I wish I spent the amount of fun times with my children that I do now with my grandbabies.

  2. I'm a 41 year old mom with a 22 month old daughter and a 9 year old step-daughter. I feel the same way as you do! I don't stress if my toddler draws in her books with the pencil I gave her because a) it can be erases, and b) looking back through books I drew in makes me feel nostalgic. Though it drives my husband nuts that I let her have the pencil. I also give my toddler tiny cups of water that half the time instead of drinking, she spills and "makes art out of it" by swirling it with her hands on the table, floor or whatever. This also drives my husband nuts, but I don't mind.

  3. Yes, the older we get, the more "chilled" we are... ;-)

  4. I let her do all the above, and just about anything else.

  5. hahaha all the above its so true! sumayah especially loves playing with my purse, she unpacks all my cards and little till slips and grocery lists etc. i just remove the money before I give it to her and it keeps her busy for quite some time!


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