Monday, 16 May 2011

Morning's first photo at day care #19 - "Plane, not school today!"

Mieka with much-loved Teacher Lee-Anne
The Toddler had other plans for this morning. She wants to go on a plane! NOT to school! I totally agree with the Monday morning sentiments!
I don't know where the plane idea is coming from. She has never been on a plane, and there has not been any discussions of us going on a plane trip...

I promised! We are going on a plane trip in the future! I like the idea!

She is also now saying the word plane in Afrikaans correctly. She used to say "vlieghuis" (fly-house), but now the correct "vliegtuig"! (That's why we need to write down theese cute word creations before they are not heard anymore...)


  1. Myne het ook altyd "vlieghuis" gese - al 3!

  2. Love the word creations that they come up with!


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