Friday, 20 May 2011

The day before the last

Coffee and lots of toddler-time
Apparently the 21st is the very last day! I have been enjoying the conversation going on in Twitter with #judgementday and #endoftheworld and #rapture

It is the FINAL final day on our calendar! (One of many! Wink smile)

I was thinking that if this is true and this is my second last day, I would definitely not be at work. How would I spend this day?

I want to spend it with family. (The people I am most grateful for.)

I also would want to spend it with the extended family. I would ask my sister and brother to come home from overseas.

We would have a final party! Probably a braai here in South Africa.

There would be good food! (Woollies would be perfect. I would not want to spend the day in the kitchen)

Red wine! The very best! I would sip on one glass… (Too much, and I could miss the end! That would be pathetic!)

I would tell my family I love them! (There should not be too much tears!)

I would call up all my friends, because they would be with their families. I would tell them I enjoy and love having them in my life.

We would all be discussing about what-will-happen-next! Heaven? Hell? Nothing? The discussion topic that would definitely take centre stage! (We were discussing it this morning when the topic came up.)

I also think that we should try to have that final party somewhere in nature. Where there are trees and clouds and we could feel the sun on our faces.

We would watch the sun coming up, going down, and up again for the final day…
That would be my second last day! With the people I care most about!

How would you spend your day before the last?


  1. We had this very same conversation at Cellgroup on Thursday...and was cause for lots of laughter. So we are still here! How hillarious!

  2. Why not have the parties while we are still all alive!! We are anyhow eternal beings and wow what an adventure.

    But great question if faced by terminal illness etc. The last day........yes let's celebrate life and living!! ;-)

    Love you too sis!

  3. Ditto! Believe in next adventures and parties now! When are you coming to visit? :D


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