Saturday, 23 April 2011

A rainy looong weekend

It is rainy here, and it seems that winter is making an early call this year! Going to the Mall we see everyone dressed in their warmest winter woollies.

Lovely weather for a long weekend! A bit of sarcasm here, but we awarm potre making the most of it! A  of goodness is stewing on the stove (thanks Hubby) and we are watching Ironman and the Toddler is catching up on some afternoon sleep... What could be better than this?

We had some family time with the niece and nephew and the grandparents yesterday! I do love Easter time! It is a time of reconnection with family and thinking of Life reborn...

Hope you all have a lovely weekend! We’ve got Monday off as well! Sleeping late is not an option! It is a necessity! Recharging our batteries...

Easter eggs tomorrow! Officially you are allowed to eat that chocolate! Enjoy! (Wink smile)

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  1. I am so ready for some chocolate easter bunnies. I think Reeses easter eggs are delicious.

    Love the blog. It's fantastic. Just stopped by today for my first time. My Mom breast feeds in public too - and I'm proud to say it! ;)


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