Monday, 18 April 2011

The Dress!

The final year matric dance dress seems to be quite a big deal! No, it is one of the focus points of this year!

It does not matter that it is only taking place at the end of September this year! No, it is a matter-of-urgency!

Since The Teen returned from her overseas tour it has been a constant discussion point. I had a “very urgent” talk very soon thereafter. “Should we not consider having this Dress made?” Only the choice of university (which is another story altogether) seems to be taking up some of her head space!

I think I am going to have to exercise some amount of patience / understanding / negotiating skills this year! I have given The Teen a budget with regards the Dress, but it seems her choice of Dress exceeds that budget. (I am not going to budge… I am not going to budge…) It is far more expensive than I would spend on any ball gown!

I have given The Speech: This is only one function! You are going to have to attend lots and lots of functions in years to come! You look extremely pretty in a very simple elegant design. So much more pretty than an elaborate Ball Gown! She agrees about the simple and elegant… (phew!)

I spent yesterday afternoon at two shops in the Mall where I think we are paying off that hefty rent bill a month. The dresses far far exceed our prize range… And it did not help that she found a near perfect dress! Luckily she agreed it was not a “Wow! Dress” (wipe sweat from brow)…

Any suggestions on how to not go crazy in searching for that perfect dress? I am Mrs Plain and Mrs Cheap (if I can get away with it!). I always believe it is not the most expensive that looks the most beautiful!

Image: Microsoft Clip Art: Princess


  1. For both my matric dance and my wedding dresses, I went and tried on all sorts of dresses (regardless of price) so that I could see what sort of style worked best for me. Then I spent about a week looking at dress patterns, found the simplest version of what I wanted and took that to a dressmaker. Fabric choice is a huge part of the cost - my wedding dress cost R700 and the one it was modelled on cost R8000!

  2. Do you follow @marieks12 ? she makes dresses - maybe chat to her - she can work within your budget!

  3. Thanks Tammy, I will keep it in mind! I just had bad experiences with dresses being made for myself. I would rather prefer a dress that I could see, than one I get at the end of a long fit-and-go-back sessions. (Maybe I have not found the right dressmaker yet!)
    Laura, I am following @marieks12 now. I see that she is very close to where we stay :D


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