Thursday, 7 April 2011

What to do on a Thursday night?

In surburbia? When Hubby is not here, and The Teen is on her forever tour… (It feels like that! Two weeks are very long!)

It is only me and the Toddler tonight! The case of when the cat is away… What to do?

No, Hubby, before you get concerned… I can’t wait for a quite night all on our own, just The Toddler and me. Being lazy and going to bed early… What is better than that?

Autumn has arrived with its cold spread of clouds, grey, wet and orange. I think we have had three days of this already, and the main topic of conversation is the weather on this side of the world. We are very one track minded, we South Africans! We are complaining already! I do hope it is not a very long winter this year! Three months are way too much…

Vegging out on the couch tonight does not sound like too bad of a deal with the weather!

What would you do on a night like tonight?


  1. I love nights like that. Ok my fav is when its me going away so that I get a break from everything with a nice long bath that doesnt involve scoping out the toys:0 When I am at home I like to order in pizza and snuggle on the coach with my little guy watching Disney movies. Enjoy:)

  2. When Hubby is away, I get the kids in to bed on time, eat boiled eggs & soldiers & take control of the remote and then blog, tweet and stay up late littering around, reading... 'tis lovely.


  3. Go to bed early and read a great book.


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