Sunday, 3 April 2011

Sunday night cupcake conundrum

Why do I always remember on a Sunday night of something that needs to be done or bought on a Monday morning? I totally forgot about buying (note: not making) those cupcakes for day care. They take turns in the classes to sell it to generate funds. I am sure the idea is for the mums to make to themselves... But I don't see anything wrong with Spar or Woolworths cupcakes. They are yummy as well, and my stress levels stay way down low...

When we went in search of the cupcakes, it turn out all the other mums have already done their cupcake shopping. I had to make do with bought muffins and my own homemade icing. The sprinkles really did the job, and Toddler helped me with putting it on. I think it looks really swell for a Sunday night fix! (I hope somebody like Shayne at Yummy Mummy Cupcake does not read this!)

It's the end of another weekend.We are missing the Teen who is now visiting my sister in London. It seems she is having a great time...

The Toddler kept us busy, and I was thinking tonight that they really teach you about resilience. If she wants something, she will keep at it. Again, and again, and again... "No!" does not have any effect. She wanted to play with a water spray toy, and although we kept telling her that it is evening already, she kept on asking. She did not get her wish, but we had to explain for over an hour that the sun has already gone to sleep...

The Toddler fell asleep in a shopping trolley and slept quite comfortably through most of the shopping trip to the mall on Saturday.
The Toddler was not impressed with the Easter Bunnies at the mall. I seems they are in the same untrustworthy league as the Red Beardy Man!

Good night, Weekend! It was a blink, but it was GRAND!

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  1. I have made cupcakes with Leane a while ago...she loved placing each of the little stars on the cupcakes...and each time her fingers went to her mouth more often than to the cakes:-)


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