Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Aging and family members

I hate being confronted with aging in all of its “pleasant” physical symptoms. Especially when a family member gets hit by it… It immediately translates into genes and it could target me as well! Some day when I am going to age… (Not now!).

I am not afraid of old age, and I have been saying that I want to turn that dial until 100. But it sure won’t be “fun” when I have all sorts of ailments

My grandmother is nearing that wonderful age of 90 (in June), but it seems that the frail little body is struggling at the moment. She has been very independent, and we hope it will continue like this! We hope you get well very soon, Grandma! 90 is a very good age to have come!

If she struggles with poor blood circulation, I check my own sores to see if it does not heal as quickly. When her hand gets swollen with gout (something else?), maybe that is in my blood as well? If my father gets a heart attack, I immediately get uptight when my own heart feels uptight! Stress or real heart trouble?

Sounds a bit melodramatic or hypochondriac of me, but I find the older I get the more I think about this! Especially since I’ve got a very young Toddler in my life that I want to see grow up…

Who else thinks of this, or I am showing symptoms of… Old Age?

(Photo: Grandma with the toddler the previous year)


  1. Hubbys grandfather passed away this morning at 89 - a good age. And yes, I do worry.

  2. Come on girl...we are never going to get old...never!


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