Friday, 24 April 2020

Week 4 in lock-down - Mattel Playroom ideas

Lock-down day 29. We are stressing, but we realise that we still have it very good. We still have a house over our heads. Although it is not our house anymore. We can't wait to move to our new lodgings. We are not sure if we will be able to move yet in Stage 4, but all fingers crossed. We can't believe it's been nearing a month of this. (This too shall pass!)

I am still on stand-by, and go into the office as required. Miss Fine has gotten into a good routine with her weekly homework. Which is a lot of work. I am grateful that we have the devices, and wifi, but we are struggling with printing stuff. (And then I think of all the learners who don't have any, and I feel very grateful that we are able to continue.) Miss Fine also loves the fact that she can sleep a bit later.

Miss Fine is a bit of a dawdler, but we get her moving with a bit of delayed gratification. "You do this, and then you can play, play with an app, watch YouTube, or connect with your friends on your phone." We also got the super cool link to the Mattel playroom, which has given us great ideas and apps of what to do during this time.

Mattel Playroom front page (screen print)

As a toy company, Mattel loves to make the things that make kids smile. Behind all of the awesome toys and amazing games is a deep understanding and respect for the power of play, especially when things are in flux for kids. The power to teach, to grow and to laugh – that’s what keeps us connected.
Now, more than ever, taking time to play is not just ok, it’s essential. Our kids need it and so do we. It relaxes and reassures us; it connects us and it’s fun. As we shift to work and play from home, the ability to focus and manage our time is more challenging than ever. That’s why Mattel has built the Mattel Playroom. A virtual, singular source of play and hope for parents and caregivers. Activities, expert advice, games and content from all of our amazing brands will now be available in one place. -

We especially enjoy playing with the Uno app. Our Uno cards is "missing", but most probably already packed into a box for the upcoming move. This mobile app has come in very handy.
print screen - Uno app
Uno app - print screen

The Mattel Playroom has endless ideas to keep us busy during this lockdown. I am sharing only the links which we (and an eleven year old) enjoy, but there are many more for younger kids, and for little boys.

Mattel Playroom has super cool ideas for  the homeschool environment:

- Great ideas to celebrate Earth Day at home

- Earth-friendly crafts using recycled items at home

- Storytime with Barbie Fashion Designer, Thomas and Angelina Ballerina

- Mattel playlists with Barbie Vlogger, DC Super Hero Girls and Jurassic World

- Printable activities. Of course we choose Barbie, DC Super hero Girls and Enchantimals.

- Online games: Check out Barbie and Polly Pocket

- DIY projects: American Girl

- Character entertainment: Barbie videos and American Girl, again our favourites.

- Mobile apps: Uno!, Barbie Dreamhouse, Phase 10, Jurassic World. 

Thanks for the cool ideas, Mattel!

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