Wednesday, 20 May 2020

Lock-down Day 55

Lock-down masks

I wanted to document every day, but here we are... It's day 55 of lock-down in South Africa. How did we get here so fast? It has been nearly two months, and we have apparently not yet reached the worst. We are hopeful that we are going to level 3 from June.

I saw this on Twitter today, and decided it's good enough reason to give me motivation to start again to write. To document these times for myself, and for future memories.

I have been longing for everything to go back to "normal". Who would have thought that we wished each day to go into the office, and work a full day? To go back to school for our Tween... She can't wait!

It's been difficult. Perception is everything. So we keep on reminding ourselves how lucky we are that we are still able to work, that we have a roof over our heads, and that we have food. But we feel so so very sorry for those that can't say the same!

I feel lucky to have been declared an essential worker, and going into the office as an  archivist whenever there is a need. I have been to the office each day this week. It helps!

Miss Fine has gotten into a better rhythm with doing her school work at home. She is a bit of a dawdler, and can prolong the work for hours. The previous week she worked on the Saturday as well. This week is the first time she has been able to complete her work on Wednesday. Today. Woop-woop! She has been doing her gymnastics via Zoom, and even Voortrekkers (something similar to Scouts) this week. The children could not stop talking. We have been more lenient with the cellphone, because it is her way to de-stress and catch up with friends.

A small anecdote: The previous Saturday Miss Fine announced that she will be de-stressing. She built a fort in her room, and that's where she spend her time for the day. :-)

We have been walking on the weekends with the dog. It is difficult for us to get out of the house before nine am. (Here, we can only walk/exercise between 6 and 9 am). We are not morning people, and especially not Miss Fine. She can sleep each day until 10... It is also getting darker and colder each day. Autumn is definitely here!

We could finally move, after our move was on hold because of the lock-down. It was very stressful. With smaller loads, permits and lease in hand. We are now in our new place, and still unpacking. I had to order curtains online (which has not yet arrived), because we still can't buy non-essentials in Level 4. Luckily we are enjoying our new place, and it made me realize that we can transplant our roots much easier than we think. We are getting rid of a lot of clutter, and we still need to sort out some more. It has been good to get rid of the junk!

We do not have any wine and beer here since the first three weeks of lock-down. We can't buy in Level 4 as well, and I am not sure that we will be able to buy in Level 3. We have been experimenting with de-alcoholised wines and beer, and it has not been bad at all. I can see that going forward we will definitely incorporate this more in our lives. I am sure the brewers and winemakers will get more demand after this.

It is stressful to go to the shops, with masks, and hand sanitizer stations everywhere. And to watch our steps to not get to close to everybody else... And then to try and find the right products and produce while also trying to stay within the budget. Everything is much more expensive now. I am traumatized when I get back home. Each and every time!

By now we know of people who got the virus, and we have even heard of people dying, but luckily not nearby family and friends. May it last!

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