Thursday, 26 March 2020

Our move on hold with Covid-19

Selfie with dog
Our dog living her best life with all of us at home
Corona! The past few days has been hectic. For everybody! It has been very scary!

I have been quiet, because that's how I deal. I have been watching too much news, and then too much of everything else.

Just this morning I wanted to do a final shopping, but standing queues before entering the shops was just unfathomable. I tried my nearest Woolworths and Spar. I only went later, thanks to my daughter's advice, to a nearby Checkers which had fewer queues.

I am sure it is going to be better during the lock-down to go shopping, but we all want to stay home as much as possible.

We were supposed to be moving at the end of the month. That's been put on hold. As if moving is not stressful enough, we now have to contend with staying put. We can't move, and the people moving into our house, can't move. Our house is full of boxes, and it's in a mess.

I have been on leave to pack, but has heard today that I will be expected to come in to work as needed. The National Broadcaster has to continue, and we presume archive material will be needed. I am awaiting my letter to carry around with me. It is making me uncomfortable to think that we would be expected to produce proof of reason why we are on the road.

These are strange times indeed.

Miss Fine loves to stay home, and she has been in her element. Also watching too much of everything. I had her schedule a daily routine, but it made her anxious, so we told her to relax, and enjoy her holidays.

I am also supposed to be exercising, and packing, and doing things, but I can't show too much for every day. I will be good to myself, and give myself some grace during these extraordinary conditions.

I hope you will too?

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  1. I am so sorry everything is on hold! Don't feel bad about the screen time I am overdosing Nicky :)


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