Thursday, 5 March 2020

New Food Lover's Market at Morning Glen Mall

Food Lovers's Market entrance
Food Lover's Market at Morning Glen Mall
Food lovers in the heart of Morningside, Morning Glen Mall, are in for a greater variety of food as Food Lovers Market opens.
Food Lovers's Market Farmer's Crop
Food Lovers's Market "Farmer's Crop"
I was most impressed last week with the offerings at Food Lover's Market at the revamped Morning Glen Mall. As a vegetarian I spend most of my food budget on vegetables, fruit, nuts and beans. The Morning Glen Mall has recognised the need to support the growing healthy living habits of the community. My list grew larger and larger while I was walking through the displays and shelves. The variety, freshness and healthy choices makes it easy for a one-stop shopping experience. Which I always try to do!

The enthusiastic personnel at The Morning Glen Mall Food Lover's Market took the media on a tour on Thursday. Every section has it's own manager, and each day consists of checking the stock, restocking and making sure everything is super fresh. The specials are usually stock that needs to go soonest, but you won't find food that has gone off on the shelves. They make sure of it! The specials are also the deals to look out for. They are real SPECIALS!

Food Lover's Market at Morning Glen Mall
Food Lover's Market managers as well as Morning Glen Mall Marketing Team

“As a long-standing Mall that has grown with the community of Morningside, we have continued to transform over the years in a bid to cater to the changing needs of its consumers,” says Andre Williams, Asset Manager at SA Corporate Real Estate Limited. The over 175 000 households in the area have become increasingly health-conscious and we are committed to doing our part to helping them realise a better quality of life.”
The Morning Glen Mall has already been in the community for over 38 years, and is busy with the final stages of upgrades. The cool vibey interiors of the Mall is very inviting. The Food Lover's Market is located on the Upper Level.

Some more photos from Food Lover's

Food Lover's Market specials
Food Lover's Market specials

Meat section at Food Lover's Market

Food Lover's Market Dairy
Dairy Section - Food Lover's Market

Food Lover's Market Grab and Go
Grab & Go - Food Lover's Market - apparently very popular

Food Lover's Market braai special
Braai special - Food Lover's Market

Food Lover's Market breads
My favourite section: The Bakery at Food Lover's Market

The store will be open to the public from 08:00 – 19:00 Monday to Friday, 08:00 – 16:00 Saturday and 09:00 – 15:00 Sundays and Public Holidays.

About Morning Glen Mall:
Morning Glen Mall is the original shopping centre of Morningside Manor and Gallo Manor, located at the corner of Kelvin Drive and Bowling Avenue serving a growing community.

Food Lover's Market
Food Lover's Market 
Disclaimer: We got a R250 gift voucher to spend in Food Lover's Market. Thank you!

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