Monday, 28 January 2013

Movie clip Monday #29 - 4 year old dancing to jazz music

The first Movie Clip Monday of 2013. She caught me taking the movie, and said "enough" at the end.
 (I have to sneak in a photo or movie clip nowadays...)

We had a great weekend, which started with a picnic and jazz evening on Friday night.

After I had spend an hour stuck in a lift on Friday afternoon, the rest of the weekend was pure joy!
I did not think I would become claustrophobic, but standing in the pitch-dark, and not knowing what is happening is quite frightening.

We had a power outage at work, and it's not fun when a lift door finally opens to only reveal a wall...
Not knowing on what floor you are coming from the tenth floor...

I have learnt that it helps tremendously if you know in  which lift you are climbing before you enter.
(Both of us in the lift did not know in which one we were.)

But it definitely helped that I had my cellphone with me. We could both phone and text our offices, and made sure that security and maintenance knew about us.

Because we only got a very harsh reply (maybe we pressed it too much?) each time we pressed the elevator button: "There's a power failure! Please be patient!"


Hope you had a great weekend?


  1. That's my greatest fear is being stuck in a elevator that's why when I stand infront of the lift waiting for it to open I say 'Screw it, I'm taking the stairs.' because you cant get stuck on stairs.

  2. That is the reason why I also prefer to take the stairs.

  3. Ai, I am a tad claustrophobic and being stuck in a lift will get to me. These days we specify lifts with a small abttery pack that docks them on the ground floor in case of a power outage.


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