Wednesday, 9 January 2013

What my children should know about snakes

Snakes are not something we expect to come across a lot, but we had the opportunity while on holiday to attend two snake snows in two consecutive days!

(Are the universe trying to tell us something?)

Hubby is extremely afraid cautious with regards snakes! A childhood memory of an uncle chasing them around with a dead snake has come up...

But most of us feel a bit uneasy with a snake in the vicinity.

The snake shows were both times hosted by two very passionate people who have lots of respect for these creatures!

Jason, and Craig, operating here in Hazyview in Mpumalanga in South Africa, had the same messages.


These I would like my children to know, as I always try to teach respect for all living things!

  • Snakes are not aggressive, and only reacts when feeling threatened. They are not out to bite or strangle us to death. They would much rather stay out of our reach.
  • Stand dead still when encountering a snake. Most likely you would be able to avert any strike.
  • Snakes should not be killed on sight, but we should rather try to get someone who knows them to take them way.
  • They are responsible for keeping pests in check. They DO play a very necessary role!
  • It is not necessary to catch the snake which has bitten you. The symptoms will be enough evidence for the doctors.
  • When a snake has spat in your eyes, it can safely be washed out with water, with no ill effects afterwards.(No need for urine, milk or any other ill-advised remedies)
  • When encountering any snakes and reptiles in a cage, the following sign says it all: At Perry's Bridge Reptile Park
Perry's Bridge Reptile Park sign


  1. We don't have time to call someone to come and take the snake away, when a snake slithers onto our property it dies!

  2. Oy...I have a stong dislike of snakes...years ago when our home was still surrounded by bush we found a number of puffadders in our garden and that was beyond scary.


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