Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Perceptions change

I was reminded about how much we have different perceptions of of ourselves, and that time usually has a very positive filter!

The photo on top was taken about 10 years back, and at the time I thought that I needed a bit of oomph!
My hair was grey(-ing) and it needed a colour, and I was looking off!
(Or so I thought!)

Maybe, in 10 year's time, I will look differently at the bottom photo as well?
(Not happy with it at all, and trying my utmost to hide behind a camera. Most of the time!)

Fortunately the Young Lady does not have anything to complain about!
I hope not! 

You are beautiful, my daughter!


  1. Just look at how much she has grown. And you look lovely, please do not be so hard on yourself

  2. You look so young in the top photo...not graying and needing oomph at all. You are much to hard on yourself.

  3. Yes, stop being so hard on yourself. Go stand in front of a mirror and tell yourself that you are beautiful. Go on, stop reading this comment and go do it!


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