Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Crazy parenting advice

What is some of the craziest parenting advice you ever received?

(Question from “For my children, a mother’s journal of memories, wishes and wisdom” – compiled by Dionna Ford of  Code Name Mama)

The first four points are mine:

1. To stop breastfeeding before baby is able to talk. (Still breastfeeding at four years.)

2. To not spoil my baby by picking her up when she cries.

3. To start solids with rice cereal. (Which I did, regrettably!)

4. To not read any parenting magazines or information. So as not to be overwhelmed by all the information out there, and/or to get an inferior attitude with regards own parenting.

5. To not let your children sleep in your bed. (Added by Hubby!)

Did you receive any crazy advice?

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  1. Not to discipline your children! Now I am picking the fruits of unruly teenagers.

  2. I was fortunate....I lived far from all family so I could make my own decisions regarding the raising of my children. Hubby worked long hours so I was a "kwaai mamma".

  3. To me everyday is still a learning curve and I cannot say that I've really received any bad advice. For now I take whatever advice is given and use what I feel I need. Greatest advice given was the day my mother told me stop looking for online advice, reading books and magazines or asking other people and start listening to your motherly instincts.

  4. Well then I broke every single "rule" you got.! Lol


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