Monday, 21 January 2013

Pretville visit

The Pretville movie set is still up at Hartebeesportdam, and well worth a visit.
Pretville is an Afrikaans film musical that is set in the 1950's.

It was a rainy day yesterday, with lots of mud, but it did not deter anybody, and afterwards we heard that it is much better than going there than when it is too hot!

There are tons of photo opportunities for snap happy patrons.

Definitely a place to take a photo

The Diner which was jam-packed 

The detail in each of the little shops is amazing
(like this AlphaPharm Pharmacy) 

Waiting for the bus

I hear that they are going to break it down in about a month, which would be very sad.
It was like going back into the past...


  1. I hope they are not still waiting for the bus because busses don't pass there anymore...


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