Thursday, 17 January 2013

Third try at the dentist

We went for a third check-up at the dentist, after we found a dentist for the Toddler to go back to.

We had more than six months to prepare, and Mieka assured us that this time she would definitely sit in the chair.

But, she was not convinced at all when we got in the dentist office that she should sit, or open her mouth at all... Hiding behind my legs.

Again Chantelle assured us that it was normal behaviour, and that we can't expect them before they are five to actually have a successful dentist appointment.

Fingers in the mouth (feeling insecure)
She was more keen to sit in the chair after she watched the dentist work in her dad's mouth.

And she loved riding up and down in the chair.

Chantelle got a quick peek in her mouth, and said we could leave until next time! Her teeth does not seem to have any problems.

Luckily by now we are brushing mornings and nights, especially after a little girl told Mieka that her breath was smelly in the mornings... (That was before we brushed in the mornings because she was still sleeping when we put her in the car.)

Now I brush a sleepy girl's teeth, and she does not complain!

For now all are on track!


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