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Where the sun rises - This book is worth 5

Where the sun rises book on Kindle
Where the sun rises: a story of feminine courage and friendship

Where the sun rises
, by Suzanne Strong: I spend my one week of holiday with this book, and after I finished reading, the story kept on lingering, even now. The characters are as real as life, as the war is real! It is truly scary and horrifying that there are still fighting like this happening in the world. Surely we can evolve as human beings and start living together, respecting each other and our differences? 

This book highlights women empowerment in challenging times! This is a book worth reading! 

Rating: 5/5

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Where the Sun Rises: A story of feminine courage and friendshipWhere the Sun Rises: A story of feminine courage and friendship by Suzanne Strong
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I was given a free copy of this book by the author, via Booktasters, in exchange for an honest review. Thank you so much, Suzanne Strong! You opened my eyes to all the nuances of war, and the experience of women in these most difficult times. What makes this book so much more vibrant, is that it is based on truth. It is sooo much more horrifying when you realise this while reading. The book's characters stayed with me long after the story ended, and I had to go and google the places and the people. This war has not ended for these people!

The main characters, Karin and lives, are Kurdish female fighters. They are well-educated women, on the cusp of starting their careers and lives. But that has to be placed on the back-burner because their way of life and their land are being threatened by Daesh. They feel themselves compelled to join a female fighting squad, to prevent their town, Kobane, and their families being overtaken.

It is a story of women empowerment. A story of the love for your own culture, way of life and land! It is also a story of love, love for close family and romantic love. We can all identify with it!

The horrors of war are terrifying, and we get right in the middle of it! What I appreciate of the book, is that we don't linger in the gruesome details, but we know enough to make us recoil in anger and disgust at what it makes people do!

I would recommend this book to all who are interested in recent history. The research has been excellent in portraying the lives of real people in real time!

(My copy had words, and even whole sentences, strung together as one, but I presume it's because it's a free copy? I would hope the book does not have these issues?)

Thank you, Suzanne! All my love!

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