Wednesday, 24 February 2021

Back to a new normal - Covid times update

Cradle Moon Lakeside walk next to Heritage lake

It is going very well with this clan! 

It's 2021 and the Virus is still with us. But the numbers are coming down every day, and the roll-out of the vaccines has started in South Africa. We know of people who died, and people who is still in ICU with Covid... Our immediate family is all safe and still healthy! But we are all wearing our masks, and things are looking up! We are more than surviving this!

The schools opened with a bang. It was a whole month later than previous years, but it is back to every day school for all the students. It was quite shock to our systems. 🀯For some reason, we missed the memo about every day. We thought the schools would continue the same as last year. One day in, one day work at home...

Miss Fine loved it at home, and would have happily continued like this. Luckily, Grade 7 turns out to being a great year. Miss Fine enjoys being part of the seniors at school, and they had a two-day leadership workshop with fellow students this past weekend. She got sunburnt quite bad, because it was held outdoors, but they had a ball. Miss Fine signed up to everything that's happening again at school. There's netball and Revue. There's also Voortrekkers (scouts), which apparently is going to be a busy year for the Grade 7's. Hopefully camps can start again? They are doing it a bit differently (because Covid) this year, but thankfully things are opening up with enthusiasm. 

The peer group is now definitely the focus, and what they do and think and dress are the bomb. We do not get viewed by the same regard of reference. It's all okay.πŸ˜‰ I love this stage! 

I am constantly in awe of Miss Fine and her friends. They are such awesome and beautiful human beings. (I should tell them that more often.) They still get excited about life and things, and happily shares it with us. Of course she thinks she knows better, but it's okay. Sometimes, I really learn new things!😜

I am still not sure about my word for the year? "Survival" doesn't really cut it! I need a more positive focus!

I have a job interview tomorrow. Hold thumbs. It is stressful times. 😁

What's happening with you?


  1. You sound happy! We are also back to every day school but only two grades because they had to make the classes smaller and get more teachers and more classrooms. Getting used to the routine but it's all good. Good luck for your interview!!!

  2. Thanks, Heather! Yes, I am happy and things are moving forward again. :-) Glad it is moving again.


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