Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Grade R, bring it!

Grade R has been the ultimate ultimate goal for our Little Missy!
She has been bugging and dreaming about the elusive Grade R for decades years!

It is finally in sight when they start at the primary school next week.

We went and bought the sport clothes, the only uniform she is going to have to wear this year.
And apparently only on Tuesdays or when they tell us to.

She was very excited!

I had to ask for the smallest size, and it still looks a bit big!

She is ready!


  1. Almost Grade R, she has been looking forward to it for the whole of 2013! Time flies to fast!

  2. Too sweet for words. Good luck for the new phase!

  3. Too cute! I remember also being excited for school. Those were the days...

  4. Ah man! Thats so sweet!!! Big milestone :)

  5. A wonderful milestones. She looks so cute in that big clothes.


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