Thursday, 9 January 2014

She is going to be...

First day page by Cupcake Mummy
Cupcake Mummy offered to print a First Day Page on her Facebook page for people asking for one for their own children. I got Little Missy's yesterday.
(It is very cute, thank you very much, Cupcake Mummy!)

I had to phone the Little Missy to ask her what she want to be.
I made a couple of suggestions, but she decided that "doctor" sounds the best!

The last word on this was in December when she announced to a game drive audience during the bushveld holiday that she wants to pack the bags in a supermarket when she grows up...
Previously she got very upset when asked about what she is going to become, but now she is willing to discuss it.

Last night we spoke about it again, and she told me she wants to become a pizza-maker!
No, a spacewoman!
No, not a doctor, a nurse! Definitely a nurse!


As long as she know that she can become anything she wants to be!
That is what I will keep on telling her!

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  1. Funny little thing. What the consider cool now will change every year.


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