Monday, 27 January 2014

3rd Year Student

We dropped off a third year student at Varsity this past weekend! 

Of course it feels like this time with her getting a degree is whizzing by. The 3rd and final year of the her studies. She is most probably going to continue with her studies for another year, but it has been lightning fast!

We had her for a whole three months at home, and we miss her at home. 
Little Missy cried when we had to say goodbye, and I had to wipe a few tears as well! Little Missy reminds us each day that she is missing her big sister, and that it is not nice at all that she is not here.

The Student was extremely excited to go back, and she is looking forward to another year with her fellow students. As well as a new year with studies she is fortunately still enjoying! 
She blogged that it is good to be back in her residence on campus! That makes me happy!

I am so glad that she is enjoying it and that is making the most of her time! 

We love you! 
We are proud of you!

(We miss you!)


  1. Gosh I can't believe it is her 3rd year already!! Glad she is enjoying it.

  2. Those are the best years of one's life. So glad she is enjoying it.


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