Thursday, 30 January 2014

It’s fairly easy to get your hands on information about parenting

Caring for Your Child blog

Tamsin Haley from Caring for Your Child is responsible for today's guest post:

There are often times during our lifetimes that we look for information. Whether it’s about tertiary education options, to buying our first car, to looking for somewhere to live, or even just to find out what celebrities may be up to, we constantly want more information. This never changes, though maybe the topics we search do change. From the moment we find out about being pregnant, there is so much more information that we may need. And this doesn’t change as our children grow up. Sometimes it’s just great to get a second opinion, or to find other mothers that think the same way that you do.

This is where Caring For Your Child comes in. We are focused on becoming your one-stop-blog for information regarding parenting. Our easy to search through categories cover the different stages that children go through as they grow up. Different articles are placed under the different categories so you can find what you are looking for. To gain access to the main body of our site, you do need to sign up as a member – this sign up process is free and always will be.

However, we realise that we cannot cover all the topics you could wish to know about. But we have a solution to this. Our discussion forums are available to all members of our site, and you are more than welcome to start new topics or join in the current conversations. If you would like information for a topic that we have not covered, please ask us here, and we can see what we can find to help you.

We also know that mothers are busy people, and sometimes you don’t have the time to go searching for answers to your questions. So we bring the information to you. We send out a newsletter every two weeks, covering topics that are relevant to the busy mom right to your inbox!

Visit our site to sign up at and join us on Twitter @Caring4UrChild!

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